Yo America. Garrison and Adrianne here, from The Silent War.

Today something great happened. We all got to witness history in the making. And we got to witness it together. How cool is that?

If you’re getting this, you’re fans of us. And, straight or gay, we are fans of YOU. Especially today.

In honor of that, we want to give you this song in advance of our debut record release. “Same As You” was written shortly after my wife to be and I went to the Van Nuys courthouse (scariest place on earth), and I was overcome by how amazing it felt to be in the same line with about 100 other couples, mostly if not all straight, mostly if not all a little shady. But no matter, because we were in the SAME LINE. We weren’t getting our “marriage license”. We were getting our MARRIAGE LICENSE. Notice the absence of quotations.

I told Garrison about this and it sparked this song. We wanted to remember those LGBT folks living in states where that line was still not available to them. At the time we didn’t know if it ever would be. We wanted to make sure they knew, that us more fortunate, living where we live, surrounded by diversity and acceptance, would not forget that the fight was not over. And that we were still with them.

And so it seemed fitting to release this song into the world today, now that the legal battle is finally over.


We aren’t out of the woods yet. Discrimination doesn’t just go away because Judge Kennedy says it’s not constitutional to ban same-sex marriage. And so now, we dedicate this song to you amazing fan humans, with overwhelming gratitude for your own version of bravery and support in this ongoing fight, and to those in the gay community that still have it pretty hard. We aren’t going to forget about you either. EVER.

Feel free to share this song with everyone you know. Especially people that don’t yet “get it”.

With love and admiration,

The Silent War